We value your privacy and transparency in how we use your data. The purpose of this document is to acknowledge users of the platform how their data is collected, what kind of data is collected and how they are used.
This policy applies to all users of the platform both users signed in to the platform and not.

  1. Information Collected:
    • The platform can collect personal information (e.g., name, email, gender, mobile number) upon sign-up.
    • The platform uses cookies and sessions to remember login information and settings.
  2. How Information is Collected:
    • Data is collected upon user sign-up, login and other site interactions such as liking a post or making a comment.
    • All data is stored on our servers other than cookies and sessions which are stored in your computer by your browser.
  3. Purpose of Collection:
    • The purpose of collecting this data is to make your authenticity on the platform.
    • The platform has intelligence on your name, email, password, gender, the posts you created, posts you liked, comments you made, accounts you follow & your registration date & time to the platform.
    • This data is collected to create your identity on the platform and suggest posts that are relevant to you.
  4. User Controls:
    • The user is not obligated to put any personal information upon sign-up or other occasions.
    • As long as you do not sign in to the platform, none of your data is collected or stored.
    • Your log-in session is deleted from your local device once you sign out from the platform. (browser autofill information may still be available depending on your browser settings)
    • Users can update their information by going to the settings. No data is preserved about previous information. Currently, user can not delete their profiles.
    • Users can delete or update the posts and comments they create on the platform.
    • Once a post is set to hidden or deleted, the post no longer becomes available on the platform and is restricted from accessing by both users signed in and not.
  5. Sharing of Information:
    • What is visible on the platform is visible to the internet (The information you have consented to be public such as your name, profile picture, posts, post interactions & comments. Timestamps of your registration, post-publication, and comments may also be visible on the Internet). What is not visible on the platform is not visible or accessible to third parties (your personal information such as mobile number, email, password, gender & activity).
    • We condemn cybercrime and may be required by law to disclose your information upon request by authorized jurisdictions.
  6. Data Retention:
    • Your profile is never deleted as long as you delete it by yourself.
    • The posts that you set hidden are never deleted as long as you delete them by yourself.
    • The source files related to the posts that you delete are periodically permanently deleted from our servers. However, data saved on the database related to those posts still exists.
  7. Children's Privacy:
    • Elict is not intended for use by children.
  8. Changes to the Privacy Policy:
    • The privacy policy may be updated. Last updated on 3rd Jan 2024.
    • If any significant changes happen to the privacy policy mentioned above, signed-in users of the platform will be notified via email.
  9. Contact Information:
    • Use the Contact Us section to reach out with privacy-related concerns or questions.